Memory Kloud

Providing services tailored to the needs of art collections for private collectors and artists.

Art is an exploration of how we see and understand the world and is a true representation of culture. When holding objects that convey our cultural history, there is a responsibility to keep them safe for future research and enjoyment. Museums and archives have ethical standards and best practices they must follow, but whats happening to the artwork outside of these institutions? Private collectors need to have similar unmandated ethical responsibilities and artists have a responsibility to themselves to track the volume of work created. Managing the logistics to organize and protect a collection is difficult without experience and can result in lost or damaged artwork. Megan believes that the best practices followed by these institutions can easily and affordably be met by the individual and is passionate in sharing these concepts to instill further preservation of art.

See below for how she can help with maintaining and preserving the objects in your private collection. Click on the Illuminations link to learn more about various photographic processes, and connect with Megan through the Contact page to ask how to get started on organizing your personal art collection.

Art Collections Management

Physical organization suggestions for personal collections and artist’s inventories. Suggestions of materials and layout based on client’s location, needs, and budget.

Database Management

Maintaining important information of objects including location, condition, provenance, value, cost. Instilling a workflow that works with client’s needs to continue tracking object information.

Art Registrar

Provide help with packing, shipping, tracking, handling, installing, and monitoring traveling artwork. Will aid in the process or consult on logistics.


The most efficient and economic way to keep artwork safe is by storing it safely. Recommendations of a range of materials and methods based on client’s budget and needs.


Knowing how to properly handle objects in your collection is the first way to protecting your artwork. Improper handling can lead to expensive detrimental issues in the future. Will suggest how to handle all types of objects.

Condition Reports

Can provide detailed condition reports for personal collection management or for various reasons including insurance, appraisals, or lender requirements.